We are to have the mind of Christ.  This means we are to think and act like Christ, but how do we do that?  By renewing our mind.  How do we renew our minds?  By reading and meditating on God’s Holy Word.  When we read His Word it begins to change us from the inside out.  We begin to think like Christ, therefore, we begin to act like Christ.

Awesome, right?  You bet!  We can change the way we think and begin thinking like Christ.

Some of us were told when we were growing up by a teacher, a peer or even a parent, that we couldn’t learn, would not be successful and never really amount to anything.  Some are now 60 years old and they still have these recordings playing over and over in their minds.  That’s why we need the mind of Christ…so we can think about ourselves and see ourselves as Christ sees us.

I want to use anorexia as an example to help you better understand what I’m talking about.  Most everyone today has heard of anorexia, but in case you haven’t it’s an eating disorder causing people to obsess about weight and what they eat.  Anorexia is characterized by a distorted body image, with an unwarranted fear of being overweight.  Symptoms include trying to maintain a below-normal weight through starvation or too much exercise.  The anorexic person has a distorted image of themselves.  Other people see them as too thin and clothes hanging loosely from their body, but when the anorexic person looks in the mirror they see themselves as fat.  How can that be?  Because of their mind!  Their mind tells them they’re fat, so they see themselves as fat.  The very thing they need…food, they avoid it at all cost because it becomes their enemy.  This person is slowly starving themselves to death.

It’s the same way for a child of God who sees themselves as unworthy, a failure and hopeless.  They don’t realize they are fearfully and wonderfully made, the apple of God’s eye, an overcomer, that God knew them before they were even born and that He loved them so much He sent His only Son to die on a cruel cross for them.  They don’t know this  because they have never renewed their mind with God’s Word.

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The Word of God is like a mirror!

Have you ever went to a fun house at the fair with those crazy mirrors?  They make you look short and squatty or tall and skinny.  You laugh because it is a funny, distorted image of you.  The mirror is deceiving.  You don’t really look like that.

The Word of God is like a mirror!  James 1:22-25 talks about a looking glass, or mirror.  If we look at His Word, which is the perfect law of liberty, we see who we are and how to act.

If your looking in the wrong mirror, listening to the wrong people, you can have a distorted image of who you really are.  You are God’s beloved!  So lose your mind and get the mind of Christ!


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