opendoor.jpgI like to read and I like to read books about adventurous people.  Right now I’m reading a book that is spell binding and no, it’s not about Harry Potter!  It’s titled:  THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES

I’ve read it many times before, but I’m reading through it again in my daily devotions.  Some of you have read it.  Some of you have not and may be wondering where to find it.  It’s one of the 66 books of the Holy Bible written by inspiration of the Holy Spirit and I’m here to tell you, it’s good!

This morning before ever getting out of bed, I posted on The Believer’s Walk page on Facebook this:  “God will open doors no man can shut and shut doors no man can open.”  I like that and it’s true.  After getting up, getting dressed, getting my cup of coffee and gathering my devotional tools…pad, pen, yellow highlighter, glasses, tissue, coffee, cell phone, and most importantly…my big Thompson Chain-Reference Bible my husband gave me…I finally sat down to read my devotional chapter for this morning.

It was the 12th Chapter of Acts.  Let me summarize the chapter for you…King Herod kills James, the brother of John with a sword, (Man!  Does that sound familiar today?)  Sounds like something we see on the news fairly regular these days, right?  Anyway, Herod kills James and goes looking for the Apostle Peter.  He finds him, puts him in prison, behind a locked, iron gate with 2 soldiers guarding it on each side.  The early Church has an all night prayer meeting on his behalf, while Peter is sleeping an angel of the Lord comes, his chains fall off, pokes him in the side, tells him to get up quickly, get dressed, get his shoes (okay, sandals) on, grab his coat and follow me.  Peter, half asleep, I imagine, thinks he’s seeing a vision.  The angel leads him past the first and second ward and then they come to an iron gate that leads to the city, which just opens to them when they approach it.  They go out the gate pass through one street and then the angel departs.  Mission accomplished.  Peter is free!   He realizes by then this is all real and God has delivered him from Herod.

God will deliver you too!  Whatever prison has you bound, whatever assignment the devil thinks he has against you is brought to nothing, because the devil can’t stop you!

When we pray we stop the devil in his tracks.  We take our God given authority over the devil in prayer.  God will open doors for you too, just like He did for Peter in Acts 12 and He will shut doors no man can open!

I decree and declare that God is opening prison doors for me and my family and many others this year!  There ain’t (excuse my English, I’m from the south) a thing the devil can do about it either!

While your praying, God is working!  He’s working, He’s working, He’s working!   All you and I have to do is pray and then just enter into His rest as Hebrew 4:11 says to do.  That’s the only labor the Believer has to work at.  Give it all to Jesus.   Let Him handle it!  He’ll work it all out for your good, because He can’t do anything but good!  He’s a good God!

Say this now and mean it, “God is opening doors for me and my family in 2016!”  Now, give God praise and Glory that it’s all ready done!


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