After our family devotions one night many years ago, I mentioned to my husband I would like to have a new refrigerator.  He told me there was no way we could afford it because it was taking everything he made just to pay our bills and put food on the table.  At that time our children were in elementary school and he was the only one working. I had received my degree to teach, but had not found a job, although I had put in applications at several school systems in our area.

What he said was true, but his words stung a little bit, since I knew it was hard on him and I felt like it was my fault.  He had helped put me through school and we were struggling to make ends meet.  After a few minutes of feeling defeated and a little sorry for myself, something inside of me said, “go check on your application at the Board of Education tomorrow!”  I didn’t know where this thought came from just all of sudden and out of the clear blue, but it was authoritative and strong! I thought, “yes, that’s what I’m going to do …first thing in the morning.”

The next day I went to check on my application, to see if it needed to be renewed.  I gave the secretary my name and told her why I was there.  She went to look for my application, but couldn’t find it.  Then she said, wait a minute…I think the Director of Special Education has some applications on her desk. She was looking at them this morning.  The Secretary left to go see and in a few minutes came back and said yes, she has yours.

Shortly, she came down the hall and greeted me with a handshake and said, “How did you know we had a position open?  We haven’t even posted the job yet!”  I told her I didn’t know.  She was a little surprised and I was even more surprised, especially when she asked me to come into the board room and said she was going to get the Superintendent of Education to meet with us.

In a few minutes she came back in and sat down.  The Superintendent came in a little later and she began to interview me, telling me when I would start to work, where my classroom would be, how many students I would have, etc.  I was a little dumbfounded, because she was talking like I already had the position!  Then she went on to explain that the Board of Education would meet that Thursday night and have to vote.  She said they would let me know in a few days if I had the job.

Saturday morning my phone range and it was the Director of Special Education for our county.  She told me the Board voted and it was unanimous…I had the job!  I was so excited!

That was my first teaching position and the first thing I bought with my paycheck was a brand new side by side refrigerator/freezer!  That was also 20 years ago.  I have since retired from teaching and I still have that refrigerator and it works great!

Almost every time I see it, it’s a visual reminder to me of God’s favor.  Because you see, I later realized that was God’s voice speaking to me that night.  He gives us the desires of our heart.  He knew I wanted and needed that refrigerator.  He also knew that position was open and He wanted me to have that job, because He was also the One who told me to go college and become a Special Education Teacher.  More about that in another post, maybe.

God intervened on my behalf!  He gave me favor.  He is so good and that’s why I love and trust Him!


The Voice



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