Simple things mean a lot.  I like simple.  The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended was in a little white country church with just a handful of people.  ( I wrote about this wedding in a Blog post just a few days ago.)  The bride was lovely in her simple white, delicate, lace dress.  The groom was handsome, wearing just his Sunday suit.  No tuxedo, no expensive wedding dress with long train.  The flowers were equally beautiful.  They were simple arrangements of Queen’s Anne lace picked from the roadside of an Alabama highway.  I saw that bride just a few months ago at a family funeral.  She commented about her husband of 19 years, “I just love that man!  He’s the best man in the whole world!”   Imagine that!  She’s still in love.

I like simple.  The older I get, the more I want to simplify my life.  It’s the simple things in life that mean so much to me.  It’s not the new car, or house, or expensive jewelry that make me happy, no it’s that tiny blue flower a little boy picks for his mommy.  It’s the time your husband cooks dinner for the family because you’re not feeling well.  It’s the little note scribbled by your daughter in first grade, that says, “your the best mommy in the world”, that you’ll never forget and that you’ll always cherish.  The proof is, you still have that faded piece of paper tucked away in a corner of your dresser drawer.
Yes, simple says it best.  I like simple.  I heard the following phrase several times while in college from my professors about lesson planning and it was KISS, which stands for, “keep it simple stupid.”
Yes, I love simple.  I’m not a fancy person.  Never have been and never will be and I like that simple fact about me.
I was thinking the other day that life is like snapshots.  You can’t remember everything, but we all have snapshot images photocopied in our minds.  Life’s little incidents that  mean so much to us and that we remember fondly.   We all have these little snapshot images in our minds and every once in awhile we thumb lovingly through it.  So I surmised that life is like a snapshot album…certain little images, pictures, incidents, developed and copied forever in the dark room of our minds. 
I have several snapshot images in my mind, but one in particular is of our daughter bringing food to us on a tray.  My husband and I were both sick and in bed at the same time.  She was only 8 years old at the time, but she said she was our nurse and would take care of us.  It’s images like this, I’ll never forget.
 So make some memories today.  Take some snapshots, but I’m not taking about with a camera, necessarily.   You’ll always remember that day you and your daughter baked cookies together, or dad took you fishing, your son’s football game, or your daughter’s piano recital.   These are the snapshot images of our lives.
Keeping it simple!
The Voice



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