Choosing a mate is an extremely important decision and should be made only after much prayer.

Ladies, it is vitally important you choose a godly man who will be the priest in your home and lead you to God instead of away from Him.  A godly man knows Jesus as his personal Savior, reads the Word and is a committed Christian.

  The man you choose to marry should love God more than he loves you!

2 Corinthians 6:14 warns against a Christian partnering with an unbeliever. If you choose to marry a non-Christian, you will hurt every single day of every single year of your married life.  There’s a reason God’s Word warns against marrying an unbeliever!

Ladies you should stop and put much thought into any marriage proposal. The man you marry will need to have values close to yours, and he will need to be kind and gentle. You both should want a Christian household to raise and nurture your children in.
Is the man you are considering to be your prospective husband a faithful Christian?

Ask yourself, “Will he help me get to heaven, or will he turn me away from the Lord’s teachings?”


The following are some important attributes to look for in a mate:
A man who is a man of faith.
A man who is humble and not proud.
A man who is pure in heart and fully devoted to loving God with every part of his life.
A man who is a lover of the Word.
A man who is honest, and keeps His word and vows.
A successful marriage is a marriage between three, not two…a man, a woman and their God!


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