One Saturday night, my husband was watching TV and I was reading a book, when our phone rang. I ran to answer it, when on the fourth ring I could tell he wasn’t going to budge.

I heard an elderly voice on the other end ask, “Hello, is this Mary?” I replied, “No, it isn’t. You have the wrong number.” She responded, “I’m so sorry to bother you. I know you must be busy.” I was thinking, you definitely got that right!  Now, let me get back to my book!
She continued talking.”I’m getting old and can’t see well. I turned 92 years old my last birthday. You may know me. My name is Daisy.”

She didn’t seem in any hurry to go.  I could tell she wanted to talk…in fact, the Holy Spirit told me, this little lady is lonely and needs someone to listen.  That’s when I obeyed the leading of His Spirit and whispered inwardly, “Yes Lord, I will listen.”

I learned many things about Miss Daisy that night. She had a son who lived in another city which was miles away and she wished she could see him more often, most of her friends had already passed, she loved cooking for her family, she use to quilt until her vision grew dim and she loved Jesus.


Miss Daisy was one of the sweetest women I knew and I had only known her about 15 minutes!  We talked like we had known each other all our lives and I really felt that way.  I mostly listened, but she brought a smile to my face and after a few minutes I didn’t miss my book so much.
We chatted and when she finally said goodby I felt richer for listening to a 92 year old woman. She needed a friend and I was happy to be her friend that Saturday night several years ago.


I never knew who Mary was, but I do believe God brought us together that night through a wrong number, which I believe was a right number.  She needed a friend, and I needed to learn a lesson of love and patience.

God is good like that.  He turns something that seems bad at the time into something good.  Isn’t that what Romans 8:28 says?

I’m sure Miss Daisy is gone now. We never met, but we may get to meet and chat some more in heaven one day. After all, we’ll have plenty of time.

We are all busy with our lives, but take time to be a friend to that one who is lonely or hurting. Be a friend to someone today… even if it inconveniences you.  Because a friend loves at all times!

What do you think?  Have you ever had a similar experience?  Maybe you were the one on the receiving end.

The Voice



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