Do you ever feel like you don’t belong…like you just don’t fit in?  

We’ve all felt that way at times in our life, but what if you feel that way most of the time and on more than one occasion? 

You may feel like a misfit.  A misfit is a person whose behavior or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way.

The term misfit has negative connotations of being socially awkward and an outcast, but it could mean you don’t follow the crowd and are an independent individual.  In that sense, the term misfit has positive connotations!

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes is,

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

This quote applies to all of us.  We were all born to stand out in our own unique way, but most of us strive to fit and do what everyone else is doing.  This is especially true with kids in middle school.  They want to wear the same shoes, clothing and hairstyle that their peers do.  They want to belong to the group and if they don’t feel like they belong they can become depressed.  The worse case scenario is some are even taking their own life if they are ridiculed or bullied by their peers.

Standing out can come in many forms.  You can give a standout performance, or you can hold ideas or beliefs that are different or go against the grain.

 Don’t be content to do things the way everyone else is doing it.  Stand up and stand out like you were meant to!

Our son was a bright student and in the top of his senior class.  He graduated with honors and won a scholarship to college.  We were very proud of him.  Learning came easy for him and I never saw him bring home a book and study.  He was also musically talented.  He could play bass guitar, guitar, piano, drums, keyboards, saxophone and trumpet.  He was asked to play at several weddings, for which he was also paid.

He organized a jazz band while in high school and was the leader.  They played at several school events. While still in high school, he was asked to join a local band in our community.  At one of their practices they began drinking alcohol.  He told them he didn’t wish to be a part of their band and politely dismissed himself.  My husband and I were never more proud of him than we were that day he shared this with us.

If you’re feeling like a misfit, I want you to know you’re in good company! 

You see, God doesn’t always choose the one who stands out as the most popular, talented, brilliant, athletic, etc.  The reason is… because God doesn’t see as man sees.  God looks on the heart, man looks at the outward appearance.  In fact, in today’s world, man is obsessed with the outward appearance!  Everywhere you look people are walking, jogging, running, going to the gym, eating health foods, drinking health drinks, talking about soy lattes, gluten-free this and gluten-free that. You get the picture!  Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t eat healthy, exercise and take care of our bodies, but some have gone completely overboard with this health craze.

God, however, is obsessed with men’s hearts.  He doesn’t choose the most “likely to succeed” by the world’s standards.  God gets “glory” when He chooses or takes something weak and reveals strength in it.  God gets “glory” when He takes a “never should have been” and reveals something great.  God gets “glory” when He moves someone from the background and moves them to the forefront.  God gets “glory” when He moves someone from obscurity to notoriety.

We may not “feel” like we were the one who should have been chosen, but the one who feels like he shouldn’t have been chosen is the one God will put His finger on and say, “I want you!”

One of my favorite all time movies is the first Rocky movie by Sylvester Stallone.  I love it.  I’ve watched it at least 10 times.  I like it because Rocky Balboa was a nobody, who defeated his opponent in the ring and became a somebody, but it didn’t change who he was.  I like that.  Money and power has a way of changing people and not for the better, either.

Many times people feel like misfits…unqualified, unable to be used because of their past, their track record, or failures and mistakes.

We may know that God loves us, but question whether He can use us.

Too many people feel like second class citizens.  There’s something about failure that makes you feel unworthy and afraid to try again, but just like that saying, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”   I don’t know where that came from, but it’s good advice.  The point is, don’t ever quit, don’t ever give up and don’t ever stop trying!

King David, must have been a misfit.  In I Samuel, the 16th Chapter, we read that King Saul had died.  God tells the Prophet Samuel to fill his horn with oil and go to Jesse’s house and anoint one of his sons king.  Jesse lines all his sons up before the Prophet, but the oil won’t flow.  Samuel asks him is he sure this is all his sons, to which he then admits he has one more, but he’s out watching the sheep.  David’s own father didn’t even think enough of him to call him in from the field to see if he qualified for the position!  That always amazes me.  Was Jesse ashamed of David because he played the harp and wrote poetry or was it because he thought he was too young?  Whatever, the reason, he was going to leave him in the field that day until the Prophet told him to call David in.   Sure enough when David stands before the Prophet Samuel, the oil begins to flow and kept on flowing.   David is anointed to be the next King of Israel.  David, was God’s chosen one.  He called him out from among his brothers.  David stood out in God’s eyes, because He was a worshipper and a man after God’s own heart.

As Christians and Believers, we are not meant to be like our environment.  We were meant to change our environment.  We are to be change agents.  We are meant to be salt and light in this dark world.

God want us to be like Him and if we are like Him, we are probably not going to fit in.  We might be a misfit, but that’s okay.  Be a misfit.  Stand out!  You are chosen by God to represent Him in this world.  We can never win the world by being like them.  We must show them Jesus, by being Jesus to them. That means to show them His love.


You are not alone!  God loves you, now go tell someone else who needs to hear they are not alone and Jesus loves them too.

The Voice


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