Have you been seeking an answer to a problem or situation in your life that isn’t getting any better, but in fact seems to be getting worse? I’ve been there…we all have at some point in life’s journey. 
Actually I’ve struggled, fretted, worried, fussed and talked about a certain situation in my own life for 12 long years! It didn’t change. In fact, the answer seemed so far away, I just gave up! And you know what? As soon as I gave up, Jesus showed up and the answer came in just a few short days. I was simply amazed at how quickly the situation was resolved.
When we try to “fix” it, the problem only gets worse but when we take our “hands off” then Jesus comes and meets us where we are. He resolves everything by taking back what the enemy has stolen and placing it in our hands. He then cups His hands around ours and says, “there, it’s yours.”
We don’t have to fight our battles. He fights them for us when we pray, give the problem to Him and trust Him for the answer.
Thanking Him this day for answered prayer and resolving to trust Him for the answer to every problem I face.


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