I recently read, no laughed and cried and pleasantly meandered my way through the delightful pages of,  Home to Harmony by Philip Gulley.  If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do.  It was a wondrous journey of sheer joy and laughter for me.  Here is an excerpt from his book, Chapter 15:

The lunchroom monitor marched over, frowning, and told Adam if he didn’t settle down, he’d have to sit off by himself at the quiet table.

This is the World’s response to suffering.  We want it out of sight, off by itself at the quiet table.

Raw pain alarms us.  It reminds us that life isn’t as orderly as we’d hoped.  We demand that pain settle down before we shuffle it off to the quiet table.  We want pain to stay in it’s own section, want to keep it from spilling over into other parts of life.  Just like those lunch trays.  Keep pain in its own little compartment.

This was the world Pastor Taylor had warned against.  A world where some parents cared more about their happiness than they did their children.  I thought of the cold evil committed by folks looking to be happy.

I held that little boy to me and thought hopeful thoughts of a New World.  Yearning for it as never before.  A New World.

A world where God has set up housekeeping, where God will live right with us, and we with Him.

I can relate to the fact that we humans want human suffering out of sight.  We want to watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians, or whatever TV show is on with the beautiful people.  Most do not want to watch the veterans who have survived the horrors of war, returning with missing limbs to find not only has their fellow countrymen deserted them, but also the wife who promised, “till death do us part.”

When I was in college, one of my Professors told us that as special needs teachers, don’t be surprised to find your classroom located in the furnace room and you know what?  She was exactly right!  Although I didn’t have a disability, I was discriminated against as a teacher of special needs students.

One time when a cat died in the crawl space underneath my classroom, we had a swarm of green flies infiltrate our room.  When I told the Principal of our dilemma, he suggested I move my students out in the hallway.  He didn’t even bother to fix the problem, at least not right away.   This is just one of many incidents I faced in my years of teaching…I should write a book!

I was reading about the life of Donald Trump and in this article there was one thing he did that truly impressed me.  In 1995 Trump was credited with ‘saving’ the New York Veteran’s Day Parade.  That was the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II.  Police estimated 500,000 people attended the largest military parade ever held in New York.  Organizers, who place the turnout at closer to a million, said the parade would not have been a success if it hadn’t been for real estate developer, Donald Trump, who contributed $200,000 and raised another $300,000.  Parade director, Tom Fox, himself a Vietnam Vet said Donald Trump saved the parade.

What is remarkable about this, is New York had the first parade for the World War II veterans and it was a flop!  Hardly anybody attended.  How embarrassing after all these great men did for our country.  That’s when Mayor Rudy Giuliani asked Donald Trump to get involved and he did.  He organized and raised the money for this second parade and it was a total success!

I also heard Donald Trump say he allows veteran’s to use his famed Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.  I think this is priceless.  What a way to honor our vets.  They deserve the best and in my opinion, they should get totally free health care and many other benefits from our government for all they’ve sacrificed.

Most of us get uncomfortable when we see pain and suffering.  It’s not pretty and it takes a man or woman of courage to step in and try to alleviate the pain.  I want to be that woman with courage to do something instead of standing on the sidelines talking about what should be done.

American needs strong leaders who will guide us in the right direction and who will get us back on the right path.  It’s not about looking pretty and neat, it’s about getting down where the rubber meets the road and doing something about it.

Stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves…the disabled, the, feeble, the unborn, the children, the elderly, those being abused and those being persecuted. Let’s make our voices heard!  Don’t close your eyes to the pain and suffering…instead, do something about it.

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