Have you ever had anyone talk ugly about you behind your back or spread rumors about you?  Ouch…that hurts!  What about being totally ignored or shunned by someone or even a group of someone’s?  People can be so cruel.

The majority of us have experienced ill treatment at some point in time and it is painful.  If you haven’t just hang on, your time is coming.

We want everyone to love and accept us, but the sooner we realize not everyone is going to like us the better off we will be.  The truth is, the older we get the less we care about people’s opinions and it so freeing.

The fact is, haters are going to hate.  Cheaters are going to cheat.  Gossipers are going to gossip.  Sadly, that’s the character of some people.

Don’t let man’s opinion ruin your day.  Some have let another’s person’s opinion of them or words about them, ruin their whole life!  It’s for you, that I feel led to write this post.


Ignore negative people.  Who cares what they think or what they say about you!  We should only live and breathe for an audience of One…Jesus.  He thinks you are pretty awesome and pretty special, so much so, He died for you.  He loves you and wants the best for you.  He will even fight your battles, so lay down your weapons of war.  Just be still and rest in Him, knowing most assuredly, He’s working it all out for your own good.

Quit trying to defend yourself against petty, negative people.  Let God take care of them and you.  In fact, the Bible says to pray for them.  Ouch again!  I hear you saying, that’s hard, but be obedient to God and His Word and He will turn that negative into a positive. (Romans 8:28).  God will turn it around for you.  God will make your trial a blessing, just be patient and you will see.

Smile.  Rejoice, and as the Apostle Paul says, again, I say rejoice!  Put some praise on your lips and remember what Jesus thinks and says about you.  Stop listening to the devil’s whispers and listen to the words of Jesus.

Make the devil wish he had never messed with you!  Make him have to take some Prozac and go lie down.

Don’t forget…God is for you!  It doesn’t matter who is against you.

The Voice



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