This morning I went to YouTube to listen to either an inspirational sermon or gospel music like I always do while I dress for the day and this video was at the top. I know most of us have seen it before and it’s been shared on FB many times, but I felt impressed to share it again, especially since it’s the day before the 2016 Presidential election in the U.S. 

As I watched it again, I just thought about how different this man, Donald Trump is from the other Presidential candidate choice. They are almost polar opposites in every way, but this video showing him standing among some of our nation’s Pastors and Biblical teachers, holding a Bible and them anointing him and praying,  just says what kind of man he truly is.

 Does he have faults? You bet! Does he make mistakes? Yes. Has he stuck his foot in his mouth? Who hasn’t, but he’s humble enough to say yes, I said some awful things for which I’m sorry, forgive me, that’s not the man I am anymore and his own wife has verified that fact. 

We’re not choosing a Sunday School teacher or a Pastor. We’re choosing the platform on which these 2 candidates have promised to uphold. It’s that plain and simple, really. Don’t make it difficult or let your feelings get in the way. Vote for the platform that most lines up with the Bible, if you’re a Christian. 
Tomorrow is the day we go to the polls and vote our conscience. Let’s pray and make sure we do that for the future of our country, our children and our precious little unborn ones too.

Here’s the video link on YouTube that I referred to in my post. 


The Voice


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