What do you do when someone deliberately tries to hurt you?  Do you strike back in anger or do you do what the Word of God says?

Not long ago a certain person said something to one of my loved ones that really upset me.  The mama bear in me wanted to fight back!  Do any of you mother’s relate?

This person’s words were hurtful, condescending and purposefully meant to put my family member down.  As they related the words to me, I could feel anger rising up in my soul like a volcano and I wanted to spew out words against this individual.  At the very same time I felt a check in my spirit that said, No!  Watch what you say!  Set an example.  So, instead of reacting like a hot head, I lovingly taught what Jesus said in His Word…don’t render evil for evil.  Put it in God’s hands and let Him handle the individual.

Later that afternoon I told my husband what had happened.  He got angry too.  We both agreed this individual was deliberately trying to hurt our family member.  We discussed a little and made a conscious choice to place this matter in God’s hands…to cast our care over on Him according to I Peter 5:7, “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”

Alone a few minutes later folding laundry in the laundry room I poured out my real thoughts and feelings to God, then I told Him I was leaving up to Him to handle this situation and I was not going to touch it.  I said, “Lord, I expect you to take care of this situation and give us favor.  I trust you!”

I totally forgot about it until a few days later I received a text from daughter telling me how God had completely turned everything around for the good!  Our family member that was hurt, was promoted above the person who had tried to hurt him!

I praised God and gave Him glory that day. I also learned an important lesson…Let God handle it!  He took care of it just like He promised in His Word.

Trust God,

The Voice



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