Did your father ever promise you something but never delivered on that promise?  Did you forget about it or did you remind him?

When our two kids were small, Tommy promised he would take them to Disney World.  He gave them each one of his tube socks (remember those) to save change in.  When they both filled their tube socks he found a gallon jug to collect change.

One evening when the glass jug was practically full and he hadn’t mentioned the trip in a very long while, they both approached him and said…“Daddy, you promised to take us to Disney World!”

Smiling…he instructed them to go get their socks.  They retreated to their bedrooms and eagerly returned in a few minutes carrying those long tube socks heavy and bulging with coins.  I watched from the sofa as they all three sat crossed-legged in the floor counting all that change.  It took a few minutes, let me tell you!  I’ll never forget that sight as I sat watching amused on the sidelines and taking it all in, plus, I didn’t want to count all that change either.

When they finally finished counting their bounty, they had about $325.00…we went to Disney World!  Now, $325.00 didn’t pay for the whole trip, but it was a start and they learned some valuable lessons…to save, delay pleasure and that their daddy stood good on his promise.

It’s the same with our heavenly Father…He will stand good on His promise.

What do you need today?

Our heavenly Father has promised us many things in His Word.  Just find that promise in His Word and then remind Him in prayer, with faith believing that He too, will deliver on what He has promised.

You can find your own way to pray, but pray strong through the tough times.  Pray loud when you need to.  Pray soft when you want to.  Pray often like it’s breathing but pray in Jesus’ name…He is always faithful!

Image result for image of god is faithful

Just a side note:  We went to Disney World just before Christmas with our daughter and her two boys.  It was such a fun, family vacation and it cost a lot more than it did back in 1985 when we went the first time.


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