There’s a terrible, horrible, great injustice being done to this generation.  You might be wondering what great injustice I’m speaking of…if so, good, because I want to tell you about it.

That great injustice is…they are being lied to.  Yes, this generation has been fed a steady diet of lies through TV, radio, music, movies, magazines, news media, school systems, college professors, and even some churches.

A large percentage of this generation no longer know this nation’s Godly heritage because they have not been taught the factual history of our founding fathers and the religious principles upon which America was founded.  They are confused to the facts because they have been lied to by a new curriculum that’s rewritten America’s history.

They are fed lies in the music they listen to because the lyrics lull them into believing  premarital sex is absolutely normal and something is wrong with them if they are not having sex.

Just recently Teen Vogue published a story on supposedly great ideas for a friend who just had an abortion.  None of the ideas were good ideas because truthfully there are no consolation prizes for a woman who has had an abortion.  Come on…the truth is, she murdered her precious unborn baby that was living, breathing and growing inside her womb, which should be the most  safe and most protected place of all. This story was a mockery to the women who had abortions.  An abortion is a huge deal, but this article reduced it to being equal to a bad cold.  This story made me absolutely livid with anger, but I was inspired because of the response a high school student named Autumn came back with on a video on Facebook.  Autumn is passionately pro-life.  If you haven’t seen it, look it up on Facebook. It made my heart glad to hear her response against this absurdity of this article laid out so meticulously and calculated.

I so hurt for this lost generation.  They are lost, hopeless, confused and longing for fulfillment which they cannot find in the sex, the alcohol, the music, or the drugs.  They’ve been fed lies.  They do not know the truth of what it takes to lead a meaningful, successful life.

The truth is they are a chosen generation and someone needs to be proclaiming this truth to them!  Shamefully if they go to some churches all they will hear is a water downed gospel.  If they go to the youth groups, they sound and look just like the world they live in everyday….they are no different.  It’s just a lot of hype instead of the truth of the Gospel that Paul preached.

My heart aches for this generation.  They are called, they are chosen for greatness.  Jesus Christ came, bled and died on the cross so they and all who believe and trust in Jesus, can walk in power and authority over the power of darkness that rules this world. You’ve been lied to…but Jesus is the truth, the way, the life.  You are not who the world says you are…you are who the Word says you are.

Young people you can live a life of favor through Jesus Christ.  He will walk with you.  Your parents may have forsaken you, drugs won’t fulfill you…they will only leave you worse than before…wanting more…and eventually take your life, but Jesus Christ will give you life…abundant life.  He chose you.  He wants you.  He will give you joy beyond measure.  You will be happier than you’ve ever been in your life.  Life can be good, but it’s only found in Jesus.

There’s more to life.  God can turn it around for you. I urge you to come to Jesus.  Try Him.

The Voice


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