i-will-no-fear-psalm-118When the possibility of bad news tries to frighten you or when something tragic actually does happen…refuse to fear.  Keep your resolve and lean on the rock…Christ Jesus.  You can weather any storm when the Prince of Peace abides in you.

He’s on your side.  How do I know?  I know because God your Father sent His only begotten Son to suffer and die for you on Calvary.  He came to set you free from sin, death and fear.  He’s on your side…be confident of that truth.  Would someone who is against you do that?

With Jesus on your side you can’t lose.  It doesn’t matter what the naysayers say.  It doesn’t matter what your checkbook balance says.  It doesn’t matter what the good Doctor says.  What matters is the fact that Jesus is on your side and He said do not fear.  That’s not a suggestion…it’s a command.

Jesus rebuked His disciples out on the stormy sea that night because they were fearful.  Jesus says for you not to fear because He’s with you and there’s nothing to fear.  Why? Because He has authority over every problem and storm in your life.  There is nothing to big or too hard for Him to handle…not even the Big C…cancer.  Jesus has all power in heaven and in earth so refuse to fear.

Love & Blessings



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