This morning while preparing my breakfast I felt led by the Holy Spirit to pray for my grandchildren.  I called each one of them by name and prayed they would have good self esteem.  As I prayed, I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit telling me the reason my grandchildren struggled with their self esteem was because I had opened the door for this curse.  He reminded me that I had always seen myself in a negative light.  Just recently our oldest grandchild told my husband that I spoke negatively about myself and he was right.  As the Holy Spirit brought this to my attention, I began to weep and ask Him to forgive me.  I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to help me to never speak another critical word about myself.

When a child grows up in a household with parents who put them down they quickly learn to be critical not only of themselves but of others also.  They see themselves as unlovable and unworthy, but that’s not who they are.  The Bible tells us who we are.  I love this scripture.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made:  marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.  Psalms 139:14 KJV

Another reminder of who we are.

To the praise of the glory of his grace, wherein he hath made us accepted in the beloved.  Ephesians 1:6 KJV

We are His beloved and we are accepted.  We don’t have to prove anything.  He proved His love to us by dying on an old rugged cross…that’s proof enough.

This is a list of who we are:

  • A child of God.
  • A friend of Jesus.
  • Justified and redeemed.
  • Crucified with Christ and no longer a slave to sin.
  • A child of God and fellow heir with Jesus Christ.
  • Accepted by Christ.
  • A temple of the Holy Spirit who dwells in me.
  • Joined to the Lord and one spirit with Him.
  • A new creature in Christ.
  • The righteousness of God through the shed blood of Jesus.
  • Chosen, holy and blameless before God.
  • Redeemed and forgiven by the grace of Jesus Christ.
  • Sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.
  • Made alive with Christ.
  • Seated in heavenly places with Christ.
  • A citizen of heaven.
  • Complete in Christ.
  • Loved!

We are God’s beloved not because of what we do but because of what Christ did at Calvary.

I thank the Holy Spirit for reminding who I am.  I am God’s beloved.  I am a child of the King and a daughter of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  I belong to God.  I am His and He is mine!  He loves me just as I am.

Holy Spirit, help me to never forget who I am in Christ.  I belong to Him…what a comforting thought, or rather fact.  I’m the one He loves and that’s enough.  It doesn’t matter what others say, it matters what my loving heavenly Father says.

I am loved and you are too.

The Voice



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